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Clinical GCP and pilot trials have clearly demonstrated the ability of EcoVag® to effectively influence the vaginal flora, treat symptoms of vaginal infections, and significantly reduce recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) infections.

Significant reduction of recurrent BV infections

In a double blind placebo controlled trial1), performed in accordance with GCP standards, 76 women received vaginal administration of EcoVag® or placebo following antibiotic treatment for BV. The study demonstrated that EcoVag® significantly reduces BV recurrent infections. Figure 2.

Treatment of (BV) infection symptoms

Pilot trials, involving almost 50 women suffering from vaginal infections and symptoms, have demonstrated fast and effective elimination of vaginal discomfort, following administration with EcoVag®.
In one clinical pilot trial, EcoVag® was administered to women diagnosed with BV and suffering from vaginal infection symptoms. 90% of the women were effectively treated of their symptoms and for 80% of the women; the symptoms were eliminated in less than 5 days. Figure 3.

Treatment of malodours discharge

The clinical pilot trial furthermore showed effective treatment of malodours discharge - a clear symptom of an imbalanced vaginal flora and a potential Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) infection.
Before administration of EcoVag®, 85% of the women in the study complained about malodours discharge. After administration, 9 out of 10 women reported that the malodours discharge had disappeared, and in 80% of the cases the symptom disappeared after less than 5 days of EcoVag® administration.