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Vaginal capsule

EcoVag Balance® is a unique product containing carefully selected and naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria to restore and maintain a healthy balanced vaginal flora.

EcoVag Balance®

Treats and prevents Bacterial Vaginosis by regenerating the physiological pH balance

  • Provides fast relief of vaginal discomfort, such as 
    • unpleasant odour
    • itching
    • unusual discharge
Vaginal discomfort could be a sign of an infection such as Bacterial Vaginosis.
Using EcoVag Balance® on a regular basis can reduce the frequency of recurrent bacterial vaginal infections.

Unique features:

  • New generation vaginal probiotics based on superior and patented technology 
  • Naturally occurring and patented probiotic strains with unique features:
    • Lactobacillus rhamnosus, PB01TM
    • Lactobacillus gasseri, EB01TM
  • Probiotic strains of human origin with superior adherence properties for increased efficacy 
  • Production of lactic acid, H2O2 and bacteriocines to prevent colonization and growth of pathogen organisms 
  • Probiotic strains clinically documented to effectively eliminate infection symptoms and significantly reduce recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis rate 
  • Unique formulation that selectively stimulate growth of probiotics  
  • Convenient use - one a day 
  • 24 months shelf life at room temperature

 Regulatory category:

  • Medical Device, Class IIa